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Good Morning World,

It's 5:15 am here in Massachusetts and I'm feeling a bit motivated this morning. It brought to mind the question, what inspires people? How do you get inspired? Well, there are actually some simple ways to do so using technology and old school methods.

Virtual Mentors. What's a virtual mentor? Well, there are many of them for one. A virtual mentor is someone you can find on popular video networks such as YouTube that post motivational content and in some cases content directly related to your industry. Grant Cardone, Gary Vaynerchuk, etc.

Beat the sun up. Now, I am not saying I do this on a daily basis however it is a goal that I am working on. But I will say, the days that I am up before the sun I get way more work done, I end up going to the gym 80% of the time, I get a little extra time to spend with my family, and it's overall just a much more productive day. It puts you in a very small group of people that do this routine and quite frankly, it just feels good.

Write your tasks & goals down. This is probably the biggest key element in my life. Every single day I have a task list to complete listed in priority from highest to least. I may not complete them all, but I never lose track and can push them to the next day prioritizing them. Writing daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly goals are very important as well.

Incentivize yourself. This is a very important element to anyone that is self employed. In a job setting, if you have a good manager/boss, this should be happening. Set incentive goals for yourself. If you reach x you get this watch, if you reach y you can pay this debt off, if you reach z you can take this vacation. No one is going to do it for you so it's important to treat yourself for successes.


Those are just a few examples of what I personally use in my life to stay inspired and motivated. During these crazy times, especially being stuck at home, it can be extremely difficult to fight the urge of distraction. I fall into it far too often. Using tactics like above, you can avoid some of that. Hope you all have a great morning and comment some of your inspirations and motivations below if you'd like!

- SR

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