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Why is a website important?

It's 2021, and hopefully you realize as a business owner that your website has a profound impact on not only the credibility of your business but it's accessibility for your customers. Not convinced? Let me help you.

  • A company's credibility is 75% based on just the website design. - A website serves as a window into your company. It needs to purvey a sense of trust and accomplishments. Trust can often be accomplished with a well done "About Us" page, before and after photos or even testimonials.

  • 70% of small business websites lack call to actions on a homepage or anywhere on the website. - Websites, especially those driving sales, need to have strategically placed call to actions throughout the website. A call to action can be something as simple as button saying "call now", a "featured products" area, or a "contact us" button. These are even more important on landing pages.

  • Being "open" 24/7. - Having a website allows you to "be open" 24/7. Now, obviously if you are not a store or a company taking online bookings, this doesn't impact you as much. However, someone may be searching for your business any day or time. Having a website allows you to be found at any moment, anywhere.

  • 74% of users will return to a mobile-friendly website. - On average (based on our insider statistics), consumers are viewing websites from a mobile device over 60% of the time. This means having a modernized and responsive website that is user friendly for all devices is even more important than ever.

  • Having proper SEO is the most cost effective advertising out there. - SEO (search engine optimization), is the effort of getting your business to the top of Google. Now, it is not just a flick of the switch and you are #1 (which a lot of people seem to think). It takes effort, analysis, and proper keywords to earn that. However, even just simple SEO done at a basic level will gain you a lot of traction. We offer basic SEO on every website we build ensuring you will be found on Google.

Not convinced yet? Call us and we'll tell you why your business needs a proper website. 413-886-4292

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