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7 Signs Your Web Designer Sucks (#3 is a must read)

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

  1. The Price Is Under $1,000 Bucks If you're receiving quotes for a website under $1,000 bucks, chances are your candidate is either in a different country or an amateur that won't build a website that works. We all wish we could get a bargain for success, but that's not how good marketing & design works. Stop being cheap, you get what you pay for. I'm assuming you don't go to McDonalds expecting a high quality meal. It's a LOW standard.

  2. Your Web Designer Is Related To You One should know never to hire a relative to work for you, never mind work on your business. In most cases, a relative will give you a massive discount and if they are a real pro the work will end up on the backburner and not be given the same quality the rest of their projects have. Yes, even if you're family will do this.

  3. You Are The Web Designer If you have years of experience and knowledge and are an actual pro, awesome! If not, you shouldn't be building your own website. When you're hiring a cook for a restaurant, do you give Joe Shmoe a shot that cooks a mean over easy egg on a Sunday morning? No. You give the guy with the proven resume or degree the shot. The same goes for the website. You are not the pro. Websites are complex and constantly changing.

  4. They Don't Ask Any Questions If you find a designer that lists pricing on their website, chances are they are ripping you off OR themselves. Reason being, every project is different. You should hear questions about your industry, your company goals, branding, type of marketing you are currently doing, etc. that will make a di