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Learn How To Talk

The title says it all, learn how to talk. Whether you're in business representing HVAC, home remodeling, a web designer, a dog breeder, you need to learn how to talk to earn business. Now, I'm not saying learn the English language. What I mean is learn how to sell your product and yourself using tonality and closing methods.


Tonality This has to be the most important part of selling or speaking to a prospect. Your tone of voice and how you control a conversation. Let me ask you a question, when someone talks to you for the first time over the phone, can they see you? If you said no, you're wrong. They may not physically see you, but in their head they are creating a vivid image of what you look like just by hearing your voice. Do you want to be pictured as someone slumped over in their desk chair just dialing another number, or someone standing at their desk ecstatic they have the opportunity to talk to you? Your tone determines that. Your tonality is made up of the following components:

  • Pitch - The low and highs of your voice.

  • Speed - The speed at which you speak.

  • Volume - The softness and loudness of your voice.

  • Vocal Variety - Adjustments to your rate, pitch and volume give you a variety.

Have you ever received a telemarketing call from someone who CLEARLY wasn't interested in their job or the product they were presenting? Their voice was probably low, slow speed and no excitement. I'd guess you probably hung up on them. Over the years I've gained a lot of experience with sales calls over the phone. Whether it was pitching an appointment or selling a product. If you have the same attitude as that unhappy telemarketer, you'll fail 9 times out of 10. Be sharp, happy, LISTEN, and adjust your volume based on the conversation. But more importantly do it while staying focused on the end goal, selling yourself or your product. A + B Close If you've succeeded to gain your customers attention with your amazing attitude and tone of voice, it doesn't end there. The most difficult part for most comes last, and is crucial. CLOSING. Putting your hand out, and asking for the business. A lot of people get uncomfortable doing it, but the more you do something the more you get comfortable (and better might I add). My methodology for closing is A+B. This is not uncommon in sales, but most don't stick to it throughout the entire phone call. It also works when trying to ask your significant other out to dinner which can sometimes be as difficult as pulling teeth. Here's an example of a A+B close using the dinner scenario: Person 1: We can go to Outback Steakhouse (A) or Texas Roadhouse (B), which one is better for you? Do you see what I did there? A+B is simply giving two options and no way out. Of course, it doesn't always work the first time. But if it doesn't, does that mean I bail on my closing strategy? Hell no. If Person 2 said no to both of my dinner options, guess how I'd respond? Person 1: Okay! We can go to Olive Garden or Longhorn Steakhouse, which one is better for you? And repeat, and repeat, and repeat. The method will not fail you if you continue to use it the same way, over and over again. If your product as the ability to provide payment plans to your potential customer and you've finished a great presentation but here it is... the close. How could you take advantage of the A+B? First, ASSUME THE SALE, second, DEMAND AN ANSWER: "Well Mr. Jones, it seems you're happy with your product, you're happy with me, so lets talk about our options here. I have plan a 3 month plan at $100 a month or a 6 month plan at $50 a month, which one is more comfortable for you?" Did I give him a opportunity to say no? Some would say yeah they could still say no. Well, that's where objections come into play and that's a topic for another blog but it always ends with another A+B close. It's a whole hell of a lot better than saying "Are you interested?" or any open ended question as a close.


I hope this provides some insight to someone in need of a uplift in sales or a direction to take on a phone call. Want some more advanced coaching? Reach out to me directly for a free consultation:

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